Bookish Review for “No Place for Kids”

This book is inspiring, eye opening and such an important read The influential Evie-Bookish Book Blog has given Alison Lohans’s novel No Place for Kids an outstanding review. Thank you, Debbie! I am not much of a fan of middle grade books as I’m much older than that. However, this book grabbed my attention from the first few pages. I felt drawn into the story of Jennifer and Sarah. They are children but are forced to grow up way too fast. They are children but are forced to fend for themselves. They are children but are forced to run in order to feed themselves.   This story is heartbreaking at times but something we should all take the time to read.

LitPick Reviews “And in the Morning”

Author John Wilson tells a fantastic story. His research on real letters, diaries and lives of soldiers in the Great War made the story heartbreakingly true as it followed historical events precisely… LitPick reviewer “ReesaOnFire,” a 17-year-old from Virginia, USA, has given And in the Morning four stars in her review for the preteen and teen book review website. Wilson creates a relatable gateway for young readers to learn about a period of trial in our world’s history through his choice to compile these entries from young Hay. I enjoyed And in the Morning and recommend it for readers aged 15 and up. was recognized by the American Association of School Librarians as a 2013 Best Website for Teaching and Learning

Top Ten Kids Books January 2015

Fields of Conflict book And in the Morning by John Wilson and the first of the Shenanigans Series, History in the Faking by Andreas Oertel, have made the January 2015 Top Ten Kids Books List of best books for 9- to 12-year-old readers. See

Spring 2015 Titles Announced

Four new titles will be published by Wandering Fox Books  in Spring 2015 IF YOU LIVE LIKE ME Lori Weber Fifteen-year-old Cheryl resents being forced to accompany her parents to Newfoundland. Sullen and resentful, she retreats into her goth shell and does her best to remain impervious to the local attractions. STONES OF TIME The Shenanigans Series Book Two Andreas Oertel Cody, Eric, and Rachel are resigned to spending their summer doing chores in their home town of Sultana, Manitoba. However, a chance discovery in the local cemetery catapults them into a new adventure.