Wandering Fox Books is a new imprint of Heritage House Publishing, catering to young readers, ages eight to sixteen. Wandering Fox titles are timeless Canadian stories by bestselling, award-winning authors who have strong sales records and loyal fan bases among kids, parents, librarians, and educators. Wandering Fox is a collaboration between Heritage House and Vivalogue Publishing, a comprehensive print and online publishing service for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. This collaboration combines Heritage House’s long history of publishing stories by and about Canadians with Vivalogue’s connections to independent authors and non-traditional markets.

Wandering Fox’s mandate is to resurrect, update, and repackage bestselling, award-winning fiction to appeal to a new generation of Canadian readers. Each title has been selected based on its literary quality, its previous sales record with other publishers and ability to stand up in today’s competitive YA market, and the author’s ongoing commitment to publishing and promoting quality YA fiction.

Wandering Fox launched in Fall 2014 with four titles: And in the Morning, by John Wilson; No Place for Kids, by Alison Lohans; Prairie Pictures, by Shirlee Smith Matheson; and History in the Faking, by Andreas Oertel. These books cover a variety of themes, from the serious—war, parental death, addiction, and bullying—to the lighthearted—first crushes, new schools, budding friendships, and crazy pranks with unexpected results.

All the books are suitable for classroom use and come with discussion and/or comprehension questions and author interviews. Wandering Fox will release three to four titles per season, geared towards different age groups, comprehension levels, and subjects of interest. Inspired by the diverse characters in the inaugural titles, all of whom embark on journeys of self-discovery, the name Wandering Fox encompasses the curiosity, mischief, and adventure of young readers on the journey to adulthood. It represents a playful attitude toward reading, learning, and critical thinking in the hopes of inspiring a lifelong love of quality literature in this young audience.